Welcome to Academy-Lengua! 


I am María. My mother tongue is Spanish and I teach English as a second language (ESL). My diploma in ‘Higher Studies of Teaching and Translator-Interpreter’, has been recognized and approved by the Flemish Ministry of Education, the NARIC-Flanders and is valid in the EU since 2007.

I have extensive experience in my profession and also knowledge of Dutch and French, which I can use
with my students when the occasion calls for it. I lived and worked in Flanders, Belgium until 2019.

The courses are only online. It doesn't matter in which country you live in Europe!

At Academy-Lengua you will feel comfortable from the first session. Little by little you will overcome all types of inhibition and insecurity while communicating with others in a foreign language.
You will be able to gain self-confidence and you will be ready to speak in a relatively short time.

My program is also supported by videos, podcasts and pronunciation audios, all based on daily life situations. The more advanced levels include a 'section of culture'. The students will learn new
expressions, customs and famous places of some English and Hispanic-speaking countries.






It is divided into three levels:


Aimed at those who have no prior knowledge of the language or who have a basic level and wish to refresh the content by filling in possible basic learning gaps.

Aimed at those who wish to broaden their knowledge of the previous level. It contains higher grammatical content and more complex topics.

Aimed at those who wish to polish to the maximum their knowledge in
this language.
Rate: 1 hour and a half- €20.00

✧ According to the needs and objectives of the student. Intended mainly for business talks, scholarships and extended masters abroad and migration.
Rate: 1 hour and a half- €20.00


✧Intended to develop only ‘free talk’ about situations of everyday life, debate on articles, videos,
podcasts, etc. Grammatical errors, syntax and pronunciation are corrected as well.
Rate- 1 hour €15.00






ESO and highschool support

The sessions are intended to reinforce the student's deficiencies. In addition to corrections and addressing deficiencies, I include various activities such as cognitive games, illustrated stories, puzzles, word searches, etc.

Intensive Spanish courses for foreigners (all levels) 



1 hour €15.00

1 hour and a half €20

Intended for those foreigners who wish to learn or
improve their knowledge with a native professor. It does not matter which
country they live in Europe or in any nordic or Scandinavian country

Personalized courses 
According to customer needs. Mainly, it is aimed at
foreign students undertaking extended studies in
Spanish-speaking countries, migratory trips, business, or by


Face-to-face at the client's home
1 hour and a half €22




Online courses


1hour - €15
1 hour and a half - €20


Face to face courses to the client's home

1 hour and a half - €22


ESO and High school support lessons 

1hour - €13.50




  • First, we will get to know each other and talk about the student’s needs and expectations. I do a little evaluation to identify the level.
  •  Finally, we will have an agreement about, the number of frequencies of classes, the schedule and the budget.
  • Once a mutual agreement has been reached on the start date, if the client decides for any reason to cancel, he must do it as MINIMUM 48 hours in advance! Remember that there are people also waiting for a free space!


Payment conditions

A single payment upon confirmation of registration. It is NOT
fractionalized and must be done at least 24 hours before the first lesson. An email will be sent with a summary of the information.


Lessons can be done by skype or google meet

You can plan you class at anytime
From Monday to Friday from 10:30 to 21:00
Holidays and in summer: By agreement





Contact me

Let me know if you have any further questions here below or send me a mail to mary_academylengua@outlook.es

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